25 November 2008

Have a nice day...smile :)

A sign which many people use at the end of a text message with mobile phone or email. It's a simple and effective way to show people you're feeling good. I decide to send a message to the this city: "smile :)". Not sure about people's reaction cause my friend told me the city office don't like graffiti. What about this graffiti on snow? Are they going to destory it?

Let's put it up around the city. A nice and cheerful remark to everyone...

My work started this morning at around 6am. (I was "told" the snow is going to melt very soon! Oh, that true! I forgot it's not working like a fridge even though I thought it is as cold as my fridge in Hong Kong. It's something real and will melt pretty quick)

So everything starts to rock & roll!

"SMILE" stamp

First I looked through the store room in my apartment for material. See what I found?! It's the perfect material to make my "SMILE stamp" - it's something like Styrofoam which I found in a box! Great!

The "SMILING FACE" stencil

It's not easy for this one. I was looking for a big piece of plastic sheet, but it seems not possible to find it in my store room. Anyways let's try with some nice laminated cardboard...

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