26 November 2008

The snow is melting

Sarah said she found some prefect "canvas" for my messages yesterday. I will check it out today. Hopefully they are still available. Today's temperature is 4 degree.

I went back to a few different spots where I left my message and see how it goes with them. Oh, I'm addict to it. Like the time you wrote a letter to some one and waiting for response. And who's still writing letters? People can't wait that long anymore. When you see uploading time is more than 30 seconds, you might just delete the file and stopping uploading it. Writing a message to someone I don't know just make it more appealing to me. Remember the time when people put a letter into a glass bottle and throw it into the ocean (well, it would be considered as pollution today). You know it's almost impossible to get any feedback, at the same time it's very appealing.

My plan today is I'm going to stay for awhile to watch people's reaction to the secret message. I will not be disappointed, if no one notice my messages. It's much like the time when I have some things in my head, but I just don't tell people directly. Is it important to let others know every single thought you have in my mind? Some times I do, but some times I don't. I found it quite difficult to communicate with people some time. It's difficult to judge when they want to listen to you. My confidence and drive in giving a comment is shrinking. It's not about right or wrong. Who has time for that? I think my works do show this philosophy in certain sense. They are always hiding somewhere. It is very ironic. People stereotyped artist to be very outspoken. Well I think I'm not that kind of person. Maybe I need the acupuncture too. Yet I do hope I can be true to myself.

Is that why we need therapist so much in modern societies? The faster things more, the less is communication. Most people are rushing to get a life and don't have time for other people's life.

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