25 November 2008

After the storm

The "shock" from the snow was very new too me...and I started to miss the snow now...

more thoughts on acupuncture

City is like our body...
When you feel the pain, is it too late to heal it? Could be. But it's never too late to do the right thing.

After our first gathering, I think the project Marco did in Taipei was very inspiring. In Chinese culture, people usually don't feel like to present their opinion openly (well Taiwan is a little different because of it special political background-it's too long for me to explain it here). Generally the majority think that not much can be changed anyway after you say it. So people would rather remain quiet until they can't stand it anymore. Like the pain you feel in your body, it will come to you automatically when your body couldn't take it anymore.

small actions...big change?
The reaction one could have after acupuncture is usually INVISIBLE. You might have felt some heat or "Chi"(current) on the points where the needles are put, yet usually very subtle. Like the voices from the students or citizens of Taipei, they are like the small tiny needles putting on the "body". The messages were accepted by the Mayor of Taipei and I'm sure no immediate actions or changes will happen. Yet these words will not disappear, they still exist and like the "Chi" which will stay in the body to heal you in a long run.

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