24 November 2008

The fightening storm

My impression to acupuncture is something very practical. It’s a popular pain reliever and heals chronic diseases not only in Asian countries, but around the world now. I immediately recalled my memory going to the acupuncturist many years ago trying to heal my knee pain. My acupuncturist liked to "strike" the needles after he put on the apporiate points as he believes that the pain can stimulate the blocked points more effectively. The treatments were more painful than the pain itself. That’s my experience with acupuncture. So how does it connect with a city? Is Helsinki suffering from any “illness/pain/blockage”? How acupuncture can heal it? If yes, where would it be? What kind of needle is needed? Who will be the acupuncturist? Who knows?

The theory of acupuncture is to “clear-the-blockage” and to retrieve the balance of a body by putting needles in different parts of a body. Is it blocked physically / mentally / geographically? Could it be the traffic? Maybe not. I’ve never seen traffic jam in Helsinki. Could it be something about the weather condition? I’m stuck at home all day today because of the fierce storm outside. At least it blocks me mentally. If I’m the acupuncturist, how can I heal this situation? Oh! Let’s think!

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